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Chemical Composition:

Phosphor: 42.5%
Iron: 32.5%
Calcium: 15.25%
Copper: 5.75%
Silica: 2.5%
Unknown: 1.5%

Harmful Gasses:

Methane: 22%
Sulfur: 19%
Naphthalene: 12%
Argon: 10%
Isobutane: 6%
Xylene: 2%
Unknown: 29%

Known Types of Tiberium:

Green Tiberium:

Green tiberium was the first known type of Tiberium. Green tiberium is very toxic and spreads very rapidly. That weird looking thing in the middle is a spore tree, it creates an endless supply of Green Tiberium.

Blue Tiberium:
Blue tiberium is a highly volatile form of tiberium. Also, blue tiberium does not spread as fast as green tiberium.
Tiberium Veins:
Tiberium Veins are a natural occurance of mutated tiberium. A tiberium vein spreads rapidly and destroys anything it touches structure or vehicle. That thing in the top right corner is the Vein Hole. It is the source of the growth, and if destroyed, the veins will slowly die and disappear. This hole will try to defend itself by releasing tiberium gas clouds, which will destroy anything, so be careful!
These creatures are the result of infantry that are killed by tiberium. When two meet, they become one big Viceroid that is capable of rendering harm to units and structures. They have no loyalties, so if you find one near your base it's a good idea to destroy it on sight. When found near an enemy base however, they are sometimes better left to harrass your opponent.
Tiberium Fiends:
These one's are truly dangerous, and you should avoid them with the exception of a horde of units, aircraft, and of course the Mammoth Mark II. There are some missions where they help you though.
Tiberium Gas Clouds:
These are the deadly result of Nod's chemical missle. They are also generated by Tiberium Vein holes (above) and will harm everything with the sole exeption of mutants. A good counter-strategy in some of the GDI missions is to build a lone Component Tower with nothing on it a good distance from your base. The computer will almost always go for it and you've only lost $200. You obviously can't expect this to work on a human opponent though. You can't harm gas clouds, you just have to wait until they go away, so my suggestion is either to run from them, or destroy the source.

Introduced in Firestorm:

Tiberium Moss :

This tiberium substance, refered to with several different names, really has no purpose other than eye candy. It may slow down your vehicles during travel, but it poses no threat upon your infantry or vehicles. That funny looking tree in the bottom right corner is a Tiberium Fauna. It doesn't appear to produce this moss substance, but it needs to be in a mossy area to survive.

Tiberium Mold :
Tiberium Mold is just like the Tiberium Moss. It serves no purpose and doesn't appear to pose any threat. Those funny looking blue trees are Tiberium Floras. Again, they do not produce the mold, however they require mold to survive. Coincidently, both Tiberium Mold and Tiberium Moss are usually found growing in the same, mutated area.
Swamps are more eye candy. They just, sit there. They serve no purpose, cause no harm, and stink up the map.


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