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CABAL, his name an abbreviation of 'Computer Augmented Bio-Engineered Artficial Lifeform', is Kane's 'Computer'. It is unknown for how long it has been in existance, but GDI reports indicate it might have been active before the first Tiberium War. What CABAL actually IS, is not clear; his name suggests he something in-between a cyborg and a supercomputer.

As the events in Tiberian Sun unfold, it becomes clear that CABAL is highly autonomic. He gives strategical advice and translates the Tacitus device. At the end of TS he is dismantled by GDI, who have captured Kane's Pyramid in Cairo.

Then in TS's extension Firestorm, Nod Black Hand forces raid the Cairo site and re-assemble CABAL. Soon, CABAL begins taking over the Brotherhood, and destroys Nod's Inner Circle command. GDI then captures CABAL and approach him with a plan to translate the Tacitus, while Nod steals a copy of GDI's EVA computer as to bring order into chaos. GDI manages to collect a second segment of the device, but CABAL rebels and takes the complete device with him.

CABAL then starts harvesting people into all over the world for assimilation into his cyborg army. GDI and Nod track down two of his Cores and destroy them, and CABAL is supposedly defeated, but in the ending movie we can see that he is still 'alive' and is even shown with dozens of people in clonevats, one of them having Kane's body...

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