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The Global Defense Initiative (GDI), ratified in 1995, was created to fight the growing number of terrorists groups as well as to protect the United Nations and it's interests. GDI faced it's first major threat when the Brotherhood of Nod, until recently thought to be only a small terrorist organization, seemingly appeared out of the ashes and began to wage war on the free world. The Brotherhood, lead by the charismatic Kane, was a very powerful organization with a seemingly unlimited supply of tiberium. What followed next would go down in history as the First Tiberium War. This was a high-tech and brutal war fought mainly on the continents of Asia and Africa. In the end, GDI prevailed, crushing the last of the Brotherhood in a final confrontation in Sarajevo. During this final battle, the sacred Temple of Nod was destroyed and supposedly Kane was destroyed with it ...


GDI. Before 1966, known as Special Operations Group Echo, Black Ops 9.


12 October 1995, in accordance with the United Nations Global Defense Act (UNGDA)


To enforce the United Nations Global Defense Act and uphold the ideals as outlined in the United Nations Charter.

Head of State:

Former: Brigadier General Sheppard, Chief of Staff, United Nations Military Command.

Current: GDI Supreme Commander General Solomon. As a young officer, Solomon led the final attacks against the Brotherhood of Nod in the final days of the First Tiberium War. Solomon was responsible for successfully destroying the last remnants of the Brotherhood as well as destroying their sacred Temple of Nod.

Base of Operations:

Space Station Philadelphia, located in high Earth orbit.

Military Strength:

Within parameters of the UNGDA, Article V, Section 3A, Paragraph 12.

Economic Strength:

Funded by United Nations and various national governments, public organizations, and private enterprise.

Political Strength:

Not applicable: operates within parameters of the UNGDA and under the orders of the United Nations Security Council.


United Nations.

See Also:

Shepherd, A.S.J.; United Nations, 1995 to present; United Nations Global Defense Act, 1995; Mobius, Dr. R.H.

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