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[ Tiberian Sun Mod Archive ]

Welcome to the Mods Archive. This is where you can download both new and old archived mods hosted by TiberiumWeb.org. TiberiumWeb is proud to play a huge role in the development and hosting services of numerous mods in the Tiberian Sun community, as well as host to one of the biggest Mod Archives in the community!

Hosted Mods
There is nothing here right now.

Archived Mods
These are mods that have been completed or abandoned by their creator. Most likely, these mods are now unsupported, so you are using them at your own risk!

Acid Rules 51.4kb Acid~Angel
NOD Re-Education Center - Rail Gun Soldiers - Chem Spray Troopers - Valkyries - Mutant - TESLA SOLDIERS (O YEAH!) - Red Light Tower increased intensity - Various fixes/changes - Max Mammoth Tanks to 15 - Slight Modifications to weapons

A Deadly Weapon - Or Three 230kb Commando Killer
A Deadly Weapon Or Three is a multiplayer mod for TS that adds tons of new units, features, and weapons to create a perfectly balanced multiplayer game (with a heck of a lot of new stuff). We'd list all the features here, but who'd have time to read all of em???

Advanced Warfair 80kb Unknown
This rules editor may be one sided [and have a mis-spelled name] but it also has a couple new units and buildings. A lot of the weapons on the units have been changed and the range on the Juggernauts has been increased also the fire power has been increased. Laser towers have been upgraded and new weapons on the aircrafts. All but one supper weapon are ready instantly and there is a new AI that is very very smart. So if you get a chance to play this I think that you'll have fun with it.

Afterglow Plug-Ins 4.84kb Jim Morley
This isn't exactly a mod, but it has features that you can manually add to your own mod, like the unused vehicle images from the TS Mixes, and several TD and RA weapons.

Alkaline's Rules of Engagement v1.1 1.25kb Alkaline
The major changes this mod includes are: - All armor and weapon types have been changed. Units will not act like they have before. - All the combat units have new names. - There are no superunits (with a build-limit) or super weapons (except the EMP cannon). - There are a *lot* more hover tanks and subterrainean units, for both sides. - The advanced buildings have been turned into prerequisite buildings for the different armor types and weapon types. - Vehicles cost from 500-750 credits and infantry from 150-350 credits.

Allies Revenge v2.2 1.89mb Chronosphere
It all begins before the second Tiberium War comes to an end... In December 2035, after receiving two chemical missile as Christmas gift, the GDI commanders at last found out that they will sooner or later lose the whole war. What should they do? Of course they won't wait for the Alien's arrival, instead they started the covert Project C. In fact The United Nations has predicted the come of this day long ago, so they preserved the proto-protraction of the Chronosphere. And Project C is the code named Chronosphere remaking project...

Antlion Chronicles 152kb Slow Poke
The Scrin... Murderers, Thieves, World Destroyers, and War Makers. Their first stop was my home planet, Antliona. They launched a plant as their first strike; it sucked up all the life on the planet, causing mass panic, which you no doubt know as Tiberium. After 50 years, they came, wiping out all the remaining Antlion population. Except one. I was on a 30-year expedition, but it took longer that I expected. When I came back, the planet was nothing more than a giant green ball, shooting crystals everywhere. I was determined to take revenge opon the Scrin. Using early version of the vengeance missile, I wiped out the small outpost there. They went to 8 other worlds, and I was only making a small wound in their forces. But after each planet, My forces grew. Now, Target #10, Earth, is the planet I must protect. But I cannot do it alone. I have banned with GDI, in hopes of finally beating the Scrin. You are assigned to be my top general. Good luck, commander...

Balance 1.4 51.5kb Argo
Refinery holds more tiberium, A Guard Tower for Both sides armed with a sniper & a grenade, A Light post for night missions, Threat rate add-on for the GDI, All units have new elite abilities, Value modifications to make the game more "Balanced".

Black Fox Mod 921kb Black Fox
Nod additions: Devastator Tank, Subterranean Demolition Truck, Vulcan(Tower) Truck, Mobile Cloak-Stealth Generator with SAM, Carryall; GDI additions: IonCannon Tank, RPG Tank, PlasmaBall Tank, FlameThrower addon to Component Tower; Both sides: MeteorStriker Tank, ClusterMissile Tank, ViperMissile Tank, Mobile Tiberium Refinery Vehicle, PhazorGun Infantry, MichineGun Infantry, ChemGun Infantry, FlameThrower Infantry, The Revealer (a scout) is free with Radar, Repair Droid is free with War Factory, Drop Pod as a Superweapon (ala FireStorm Addon), Sniper Towers.

Blue Moon 160kb Nema Fakei
After the defeat of Cabal by the combined armies of the GDI and the Brotherhood (Firestorm), the two factions combined against the threat of Tiberium, the substance which started the wars. They did this under the name of the United Human Defence Organisation (UDHO- pronounced "you-dough"). Much of the GDI arsenal was retained, but Brotherhood technologies were installed into some to produce a powerful and varied army. Meanwhile, a replica of Cabal’s Core had survived undetected in an underground bunker, more or less intact. Having incorporated Kane into itself, Cabal came up with the plan of moving off the Tiberium-ridden Earth, to the moon - virtually unreachable by humans. He left some cybernetic forces and some outposts behind, and from there built up a secret invasion army. This army now consists mostly of Cyborgs, remotely-controlled vehicles and Tiberium-mutated creatures with cybernetic implants. The Tiberium itself has not been idle, either. The old green Tiberium has mutated in that it has become more efficient in leeching ground minerals (especially copper) - and has thus developed a more blueish hue. Due to increased cost of maintenance (the atmosphere has been made toxic by Tiberium), however, there is no net increase in funds. You can run the mod either with Sun Edit 2k Mod Manager or by just copying the INI files into your FireStorm (required to play this mod) directory.

Bonjoni 93kb Unknown
Hey, it kinda sounds like "Bon Jovi"! No description for this mod, other than that it requires the Sun Edit 2k Mod Manager...

Butcher v1.6 55.8kb Kastro
Adds new units like the Grenadier, V6 Raider, Speed Engineer, Haymaker, GDI Jacker, Survivor, and much more. New structures include Power Temple, Cloak Depot, Speed Generator, and much more. Also fixes some bugs that were in v1.0.

Chaos 177kb Unknown

This mod allows you to build anything anywhere, making the game chaotic and fun. (Requires Sun Edit 2K Mod Manager)

Cheap Warfare 36kb Stephen Judah
Enables Mammoth Tank, Light Tower, Light Post and increase the amount of credits allow in multiplayer.

Civilian Mod 27kb Ciuzza
The genius who made this mod put in a Readme, only he forgot to write it... Yea, a blank page is real helpful. Anyhow, couldn't find a description but my guess is it has something to do with Civilians (hence the name).

Close Call 509kb Unknown
Close Call gives a dynamic play to Tiberian Sun. With its high pace and hard AI, it's sure to keep you coming back for more play. If you are a newbie, this is a great training for defending against tank rushes. Close Call adds many new units including special hidden units. You can even take over old C&C buildings to use its storage space, etc. There is even a feature in the game where you can sniper from (or be snipered from) neutral buildings. It requires the FireStorm expansion pack though.

CNC: Unknown Wars 232kb htcah@yahoo.com
While the war rages on between GDI and NOD forces, a different battle rages on between 2 totally different teams, Thunder and SHARD. These 2 armys are battling it out for control of earth also, but in a different dimention. It's the same earth and the same time, but no Tiberium. Now it's all about crystals that are growing out of the ground. Prepare for the biggest battle yet!

Computer Fantasy War 433kb Nelson Wong
This mod does not follow standard C&C's rules. That means this mod is not about GDI vs. Nod, but it's about a war between their computers: EVA (Electronic Video Agent) and CABAL. There are two extra computers called HYPER and Cerbera. HYPER is a friend of EVA and Cerbera is a supporter to CABAL (Basically these are all made-up by myself). This mod contains most of the units and structures which you cannot use in the standard multi-player game such as CABAL Obelisks. That means you can now build the mighty Core Defender as well as heaps of other things.

Covert Ops II 1.03 226kb Commander Squall
70 new units (like Dogs, Thiefs,...), better AI, new lightning and many other things make this Mod stand out from most of the mods that just change one or two things.

Crate Wars 50.9kb michaelcomputerguy
This mod is exactly what the name tries to tell you: There are lots of crates and therefore the gameplay is different from the original C&C-feeling.

Crazy Rules 61.7kb Unknown
"The Crazy Rules.ini File, I will not say what it does, I will only say one thing and that is Annoying Bug."

Dark Fall 1mb Gamemate
Cybernetic Attack Dog, Missile Mech, Assault Mech, Tesla Mech Ice Giant, Stunner and many more!

Dark Worlds 131kb Tebrey
Dark Worlds is a mod designed to give more options to the fans of Tiberian Sun. Some of you may have played the early versions of this mod under the names of Tebrey's Rules and Night Raids. Includes 27 new infantry, 12 new aircrafts, 40 new vehicles, and 30 new structures.

Dark Worlds II 147kb Tebrey
Dark Worlds II is a mod designed to give more options to the fans of Tiberian Sun. It is made to be played with the Firestorm Expansion. Those of you who do not have this yet, can still play it, but you will not get all of the cool units. I also suggest that you play Firestorm first. This mod has a few things in it that might spoil the game otherwise. Some of you may have played the early versions of this mod under the names of Dark Worlds, Tebrey's Rules, or Night Raids. Contains 2 new sides.

Death Toll 944kb Unknown
It is the year 2056 the world has been forced to adapt to a world of tiberium. In the midst of the 2nd tiberium war the Forgotten rose to be the dominate power of this tiberium infested world. The Brotherhood of Nod and the GDI are now a grim memory, lost in the minds of a people who go from day to day think nothing except survival. The Forgotten Battle Clan is the last millitary power in the world, forged by the tiberium world and it's harsh environments. It appears now that Kane has indeed succeeded in his vision of a tiberium world. At 0800 hours SMT this morning the forgotten command center received a broken transmission from what is presumed to be a run down nod bunker. The transmission was recorded in the 2030s and was timed to go off this very day yet the tape still sent a chill through central command's spine. The person in the video was Kane, and this is what had to say "People of the planet earth I come before you today to warn you of your limited life spans. For today is the day that the invation starts and the human race shall be wiped away, cleansing the Earth of it's desease, it's cancer. Today the Technology of Peace shall be united with the Bringers of Peace and there shall be no more pain and suffering. Prepare for the arrival of the Scrin the perfect race."

Destruction Mod 60kb Dan

A copy of Firestorm is required to use this mod. Read the readme file for more info about installing, and play the mod to find out what's new.

Devastation 212kb Unknown
It adds a couple of new weapons, units, vehicles and structures. It also modifies a couple of sound tracks. This mod can be used with Sun Edit 2K Mod Manager, but it is not a requirement.

Divination 101kb Unknown
A very cool mod that adds a lot of new features that enhance the game.

Dumb A.I. 169kb Unknown
This mod does exactly what it says: Makes the AI more dumb. For all those who thinks the game is too hard, or just want to have fun and a couple of laughs, this is the mod for you. For instance: The AI thinks that building a Temple of Nod or GDI Upgrade Center will supply them power. They also think that building a NOD Advanced Power Plant will give them infantry. The maximum amount of power, therefore, for an AI, is 100, barely enough to supply one Temple of Nod. (Requires Sun Edit 2K Mod Manager)

Electric Wars 53.8kb Blackflame
Adds many new units like: electric infantry, phantom mammoth tank, mobile obelisk, mobile hand of nod, omega tank, stealth bomber, disruptor trooper, rail disruptor tank, A-T walker mech, etc.

Equinox 131kb Prolegion
One of the first TS mods, adds tons of new features, several new maps, and loads of new units like the saboteur, subterranean harvester, supernova mech, reconaissance droid, and much much more.

Eternity 1.3 621kb Nelson Wong
We are now in the year 2040. Three years had gone after our last military update for both Nod and us. We are now starting to move our forces into the China part since there is not much Nod base left in other part of the world. But somehow, Nod is getting more and more according to our newly updated report, althought we, the Global Defense Initiative, had created some awesome new weapons against them. Tiberium is what Nod needed to survive. It is not known whelter or not our whole world will be cover by Tiberium or not. There is no way for us, to destroy all these Tiberium even if we use our most powerful weapon. As long as there are one small bit left on the ground, it can reproduce rapidly. The same theory goes for Nod. As long as there is Nod surviver, Nod power will keep on evolving, in an incredible speed. War is something which we cannot stop. It is something which will last for eternity.

Fairplay 50.9kb Quigobi
The FAIRPLAY MOD was created by Quigobi. It is designed to make all the units in the game available to both teams. For example, the NOD Artillery will now be available to both teams, as will the Mammoth Mk. II. Have fun with this one! The units will be buildable on both sides. Buildings will be available to do so.

Fallout 381kb Evil Homer
NOD has infiltrated much of the GDI base. GDI had plans to bring back the old Mammoth Tank and improve it. NOD stole these plans and put the tank into production. Luckely, GDI had a copy of these plans. As a countermeasure, GDI has built the new Hover Mammoth Tank. NOD has also stolen the plans for the Orca Transport. The GDI didn't have a copy of these plans and the project was cancelled. Fortunetly, GDI is building Spy Planes. These fast flying planes can scout out anywhere on the map. Thanks to some new technology they recently discovered, these spy planes are in full production. The GDI can also build 2 Mammoth Mk. II's. In an attempt by NOD to steal the Mammoth Mk. II plans, the Cyborg Commando was killed by the two Mammoth Mk. II's. This has slowed down the production of them by NOD. NOD still has the technology for only one. Recently, Umagon has reported seing a tank that uses obelisk technology, and NOD soldiers with laser guns. GDI has in turn, created Disruptor Troops. These powerful little guys do as much damage as the Disruptor itself. GDI has also developed Mobile SAM, Mobile RPG, and Mobile Vulcan Cannon. NOD has also stolen some of this technology. But they didn't get the plans for the Mobile RPG. GDI have also recently developed a top secret demolition drone. Information about this unit cannot be released. The technology of this unit and its awesome destructive power, limits it to 5.

FatalSun 146kb bo.persson@sweden.com
No Description, other than this guy apparently doesn't know how to use the XCC Mix Editor, so there's going to be TONS of files in your Sun directory if you install this mod...

Final Conflict 221kb alphaone_studios

This mod adds a new side and many new units like the Chaingun infantry, Jumpjet Commando, Madcat Battle Mech, Subterranean Mammoth tank, Annihilator, Devastator, Orca Mk. II, Meteor Defense, etc.

Final Fate: Special Forces
Final Fate: Uprising
Technosoft Software Modification Division

NOD special forces made a daring raid on a GDI research facility exactly one week ago. It is rumored that they stole the Destructor missile system, which was developed during Final Fate: Special Forces. It is rumored that they have taken this and all of their other technology to devise a weapon which would be absolutely unstoppable when put into mass production. Special Forces is an upgrade for GDI, Uprising is an upgrade for Nod.

Fog of Death 165kb Unknown

This mod is for FireStorm only! New maps. New vehicles like the Mammoth Mk. V and the Sub Chem Tank. New Infantry like Spam Man and Slavick. New Aircraft like the B2 Bomber and the Chem Spray Bomber. More starting money, improved superweapons, secret buildings and most of all the thrill of the smell of broken bodies over the battlefield!

Forgotten Mod 65.1kb Musakka

Maybe this mod is "forgotten" because some bonehead forgot to include a description?

GDI - Dropship Enabled 704kb Tim Sweetster

Dropship feature enabled for GDI campaign, Slight modifications to the Rules.ini file, Small unit modifications(Cyborg), New map, Searchlight, Nod Pyramid, Hidden tracks (well, sort of), Big Blue Tiberium Crystal enabled (I still haven't been able to see it-they might not have put it in any of the missions).

GDI Reinforcements 53.5kb Tontza

When you install GDI reinforcements you get: Baby laser upgrade, Big laser upgrade, Sniper Upgrade, Rail Upgrade, Cloak generator prototype, Cloaked disruptor, Orca Fighter II, GDI Hospital, Medic, GDI Laser Technology Center, Laser Infrantry, GDI Super Generator, GDI Training Cente, Light Post, Sandbag, and the Thief.

GDI Upgrade 2.1 54kb HairTrigger

This mod attempts to make the game more balanced by enhancing the GDI and making other miscellaneous changes to the game.

Hellfire v1.0/v2.0 298kb Jayoung Yoon

Adds miscellaneous enhancements to the GDI side.

High Money 98kb Grandragon

This mod gives you 70,000 maximum multiplayer start off money. Compatible with any other Grandragon Mod to combine the features (i.e. the 3 mods above). (Requires Sun Edit 2K Mod Manager)

Hi-Tech Mod 94kb Steven Martins

Start with up to 30,000, 4 new buildings, 12 new infantry, 8 new vehicles, 6 new aircraft.

Horva Rules 51.4kb Horva

Changes lots of small things about TS and adds a few new units.

Icestorm v1.1 1.65mb MHR

Way too many changes to list, over 150... And 30 new buildings. Overall a very nice mod.

Ion Enabled Units v1.1.5 1.09mb Justin Pereira

Adds tons of new units like the Chemical Banshee, Subterranean Repair Vehicle, Sonic Pulse Infantry, Gunship, and many many more.

Insurrection 2000 79.1kb The M&C Design Team

Adds 2 new sides to the game.

JCM v1.01 46kb Justin Cole Mitchell

This mods adds a lot of new things like: The Hover Harvester, Advanced Power Turbines, Tanya, Sniper, Commando, Fusion Power Plant, Advanced Titan, Advanced Wolverine, Chemical Banshee, Chembomb Tank, Chembomb Infantry, Agent 007, Disruptor Infantry, Flamethrower Infantry, Flame Tank, Medium Tank, Defender Programming Center, Nod Defender, etc.

JM Mod 67.8kb JM

A version of the TS Gold mod, tweaked by JM.

JParson Rules 62.7kb Jeff Parsons

An old mod that was created to include features that were dropped from TS, in hopes that Westwood would integrate them into an update for TS.

Kaill Rules v1.3 54kb Kaill

The object: To create a rules.ini that will better serve gameplay in Tiberium Sun, a game that could have been made slightly better. I call this, TS: What it should Be.

Kombat 62.2kb Kwik

I spent a couple of days working on this mod because C&C:TS could (and should) have been so much more, and Im sure most of you agree with me on this. Well, I created this mod in an attempt to address that.

Light Mod 51.1kb madtemplar

This Mod adds Red, green, blue, yellow, purple, orange, Negative, Negative Red, and alpha Lights. And also the Light tower.

Lion's Rules 51.3kb Lion

This rules.ini file has small modifications to the game. Many players complained the Nod side was too strong. In answer to their calls, I have made changes most requested by GDI players. These changes basically give GDI a few more units to choose from. Nod keeps all their units.

LoTS v1.2 68.2kb to0sense@aol.com

Just like the name says, this mod adds a LOT... Tons of new units like: Combat Drone, Infiltrator, Patriot Missile Launcher, Chemical Tank, Disabler, Ion Ball Mech, Chameleon Sniper, Sub Destroyer, etc.

Mad Wallaby's Tiberian Sun Mod 52kb Mad Wallaby

Adds many new units to the game and upgrades existing ones. Just a few are: Light Infantry now have a new type of grenade as secondary weapon. Stealth Commando (NOD) and Commando Infiltrator (GDI) added with different abilities but same weaponry. Pyro unit added. Flamin' fun! Most vehicles can carry 1-2 passengers. Many uni-side units are added and/or seperated but equal units are added. Most existing units upgraded (fire faster, stonger, more ammo, etc.). Enjoy!

Make It Fair Man! 67.1kb Krycek

Tired of how those D@MNED GDI keep destroying your NOD base even before you can plan a countermeasure? Irked by the GDI's obvious advantages on the virtual battlefield? Well then my friend, today is the day you shall be able to reap HORRIBLE VENGANCE UPON GDI!!! Included in this release is: --->Heavy Aerial Attack Unit --->Mercenary Recruiting Station --->Three types of Mercenaries to use at your disposal!!!

Mammoth Wars v2.0 165kb Joey Idar

Mammoth War incorperates many new inovations for your Tiberian Sun enjoyment. The newest and most inovative change I call the "X Weapons". These are units which can only be built once a certain enemy building type has either been captured or attained. Given that this is extremly difficult to do, the X weapons are higly destructive and cheap for their abilities, due to the melding of both GDI and NOD technologies. Another Major inovation is the use of Energy Weapons-those that use beams of directly transfered hig energy to inflict damage. The NOD scorpion and Eye of Kane are examples of this.

Marines 55kb kewwi@eisa.net.au

New units/buildings like Coloniel Marine - Soldier, Coloniel Marine - Smartgunner, Coloniel Marine - Hacker, M577 APC, U4 Dropship, Marine Training Camp, Marine Bunker, Marine Uplink. More info can be found in readme.doc in the zip file.

Master TS 2.1 225kb CCRAMaster

This zip contains not only a high quality mod, but a newer, harder version of the TS campaign.

Murray's Battles 370kb Murray

Classic Mammoth Tanks from C&C and RA, New drop ships what holds 40 men BUT cost a lot, Can build more than 2 Mammoth Tank Mark 2 at a time and more hit points but cost more, Build light posts, Build light towers, Build sandbags, Aircraft now move faster and hold ammo, Enabled Umagon, Jump jet Infantry are faster, Mutant Sergeant, Men die more quicker, Weapons do different damage, and more.

Morx's Mod (Swedish) 86.6kb Morx

This mod is Sweedish! Isn't that veird?

NewEra 2000 v3.0 1.59mb The General

If you install this mod you will find plenty of new units and a few buildings like a Chemical Vehicle, V2, Chamelion Spy and several more.

New Sun 76kb ovenorm@frisurf.no

New MLRS, Titan (normal tank, NOD can also build this tank), Wolverine (light tank), Mammoth Tank, Umagon Sniper, Rocket Infantry and more!

New World 89.8kb murphy1@cableinet.co.uk

Adds lots of new units and structures like: the Sonic tank, subterranean laser tank, mobile barracks, mobile war factory, meteor formation tower, etc.

Next Generation Combat 101kb Nelson Wong

NGC allows you to have tons more units/structures and it provides you lots of new weapons. Basically, this mod is mainly targeting on adding new units and structures as in my opinion the original Tiberian Sun does not has enough units and structures.

Nurple Rules.ini 52kb Nurple

Changes: both sides are more equal in strenth and power...there are some shared units now for both sides...hope ya like.

Old CNC 52kb p.mulder@chello.nl

You know, the old times are always better, as are the old games. That's why we have this mod in the files-section, it lets you play with some of the old Tiberian Dawn-units again. For example you can build the good old Mammoth-tanks, flame-tanks and even the old buildings. At the moment this MOD is only for GDI, that means that you should not let NOD play in this mod because they have not been modified and would completely destroy the nostalgic feelings!

Omega Reign v2.6 85kb Studz75

One of the more popular mods, includes many cool units like the saboteur, human clone, land speeder, demolition truck, mammoth mk. III, mobile obelisk of light, beheamoth tank, disabilizer, bio-toxin bomber, spy plane, and many more. For more information check out the official site, that amazingly, is still up!

Operation Wipeout 53.1kb XGNDarthMaul

New Chem. Spray Infantry, New Coelacanth Flamethrower Mech, New Orca Drop Pod, New Orca Corsair, New Classic Light and Mammoth Tanks, New Sandbag Barriers, New Light Towers, New Light Posts, New Academy Training Center, New Ranger, New Firefly Infantry, New paratroopers, Jump-Jet Infantry travel a little bit faster.

Quantum Frontier v1.1 172kb cozmoash@yahoo.com

This mod has 2 new sides, and modifies the 2 existing sides heavily, adding over 60 new units.

Real Life v0.99 1168kb Zarkow

This MOD makes the game more realistic. That means that for example infantry can't survive hundreds of shots. Also several units have been added like a Spy Plane, Mobile Stealth Generators and so on.

Rock Mod v0.6 491kb Rock Design Team

Like the New Era-Mod, this one adds many new units and buildings as well. Examples are KGB Headquarters, Church, Solar Power Generators (+ Solar Panels), Mammoth Mark III,....

RTSM Gold Millenium Edition v1.12 164kb Richie K

Adds lots of new units like the Mammoth Tank Mk. IV, Reloader, Nightstalker Titan, GDI Freezer, Millennium Weapon, Flying Cyborg, Demolition Truck, Infantry Eraser, and many more.

Sapper Project 171kb Chris Crawford

It was the year 2099 and GDI and Nod were still at war. This was the forth Tiberium War that they had fought and far most the deadliest. Both GDI and Nod received mysterious signals and funds from an unidentified source. But both used the funds to create new technology for combat. A few of the outdated units were recreated and modified so they could be reused in the battlefield, others were created from scrap. After a few more transmissions the signals completely stopped. With new equipment and resources GDI and Nod set out to attack each other. The war was known to most as The Sapper Project.

Scratch (Swedish) 178kb IceCube

Another Sweedish mod.

Simple TS 53kb Dave

A mod that enables the stuff you see in TS and wish you could build but just can't without a modified rules.ini... Like the light post, orca transport, etc. The creator reccomends you use your new lightpost-building technology to blind your enemy into submission.

Smirnov's Mod 1.89mb Smirnov

This is a multiplayer mod for Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun, highly recommend for Skirmish play due to the upgraded AI.

Special Rules 80kb Mike

This mod is made for Tiberian Sun but can be used for Tiberian Sun Firestorm! Up to 40,000 credits in multi-player. Re-charge time for all super weapons (except Hunter Seeker Droid) decreased. Who needs regular harvesters when you have super-harvesters? New units, new infantry, new structures, and other small changes!

Steve's Rules of War 569kb SM60

SROW1 is a rules mod for TS it includes new units and some graphics not really known in TS (no new graphics yet).

Super Weapon Rules 57.4kb emerick

No Description.

Symanex 1.4mb Maxime Marquette

New units like Automatic Rifle Infantry, Anti Armour Infantry, Superb Ghost Stalker, Laser Infantry, Heavy Armoured Cyborg, Advanced Cyborg Commando,Meteor Trooper and many more. Also the AI are much better and harder to defeat. And there are a few extra maps.

Tebrey's Rules v1.0 73kb Tebrey

My object in creating these rules was to give lots of options to the players. I love the ability to play with many different troops. I also added so elements like ion storms and viseroids to liven things up.

Tech Burst v1.2 184kb DREAVER13

Adds a lot of new units to the game, most of which aren't seen in many other mods... At least there's some originality left in the world...

Tech War 304kb Justin Pereira

Ion Storms are more violent. The AI is much better. The AI builds most of the new units. Units respond more aggressively to attacks. This is only a tiny excerpt of the changes!

The Nod Mod v2.0 66kb ProfessorDeath

No Description.

The Revalation 51kb s0n0fagun

The Revalation features never before seen units, structures, and weapons. To pick up more information about Revalation, read the revalation.txt file included in this spectactular package.

Tiberian Annihilation v0.991 58kb Krogoth

Whats New? Things.. Um.. a loada new tanks and Infantry. A few new structures. Maybe if i can ever be bothered with editing again i'll get V1.0 out. It might even be properly Finished. At the moment im not sure how relable this patch is.. im testing it at the moment. But it seemed ok. Basically it introduces some new standard units, then Elite units for each side, for GDI you must build the Kodiak and NOD you must build Montauk. There are also a few superweapons capable of leveling bases, and all the original game technology is now available for both sides.

Tiberian Burn 3.7mb Tym

Adds a ton of new units and features, 7 mb's worth unzipped to be exact... New units like: Deployable mine, Tiger tank, Repair mech, Goliath tank, Grenade Launcher Infantry, Fox Tank, Scrin Tank, Scrin Battle Mech, Sonic Jammer, Nod Carryall, and many, many more.

Tiberian Fun 200kb Unknown

It does not include many new units and structures but the ones that are new are really good, including the "James Bond" etc. Find out more by downloading the mod! It requires the Sun Edit 2K Mod Manager in order to use this mod.

Tiberian Skill 61kb cozmoash@yahoo.com

Adds a lot of fun new features to the game that liven it up some... For instance, if you capture civilian buildings you'll get new, secret units... etc.

Tiberian Strike 86kb ZHaong

This is Tiberian strike. AI is ENCHANCED to a better opponent. This mod may not be the best but definitely not the worst. Take this mod seriously and you'll see the many changes in it. If you liked TS, I can't guarentee you'll want this, as it removes some units and features. It is 99% bug free. The 1% are not major ones. This mod is done manually, so you have to expect bugs.

Tiberian Sun 2000 69.7kb Peter S.

This is Tiberian strike. AI is ENCHANCED to a better opponent. This mod may not be the best but definitely not the worst. Take this mod seriously and you'll see the many changes in it. If you liked TS, I can't guarentee you'll want this, as it removes some units and features. It is 99% bug free. The 1% are not major ones. This mod is done manually, so you have to expect bugs.

Tiberian Sun: Armageddon 88.9kb stealth202@techie.com

The civilian buildings have new names like "Mike was found here," Stuff is cheap e.g. Mammoth Mk. II is now 1000, You can build multiple MK. II's, GDI and NOD have medics(thats nice if your nod!) and there tech level 1, You can build mutants and many of them, Don't tell anyone but there;s mammoth tanks in this mod, Civileans are changed and you can build them, You're going to have to see the rest belive it.

Tiberian Sun: Confrontation 52kb The General

Restores 100% or the cash when you sell a building or unit, Faster reload rate for air units, Orcas fire from one position insted of moving around, Ion Storms have a 50% percent change of hitting your units (or your opponets), Ion Storms appears randomly, Meteors appear ramdomly, 5 difficulty settings, Mammoth Tanks for NOD, Sensor array for GDI ONLY, Missile Launchers for GDI, Faster harvesters, Machine Gun for the APC, A Fireball launcher to the Cyborg Commando (has an anti-infantry weapon), Chameleon Spy for the NOD, Twice the chash in skirmish, Cyborgs have been upgraded, The Mutant Hijacker is cheapper, Orca Transport for the GDI, The carryall can move into unrevealed terrain, The concrete and nod wall now cost 10$, Light posts for both sides, Light Towers for both sides (search lights), Twice the cargo for the Harvesters.

Tiberian Sun: Counterstrike v1.2 476kb CCRAMaster

Includes not only the awesome Counterstrike mod, but also the TS Master's Edition campaign, for those of you who are looking for a bit more of a challenge in the missions.

Tiberian Sun: Domination v1.0 74.6kb Clarence

Changes lots of little things, for instance Firestorm walls last longer, AI build walls, there's no build limits, jumpjet infantry fly faster, etc.

Tiberian Sun EX 791kb Alpha One Studios

Adds 2 new sides and tons of new units to make for an even more heart-pounding game.

Tiberian Sun: Final Edit 38kb Jagermech7

Inlcudes tons of interesting new units like the Orbital Blastship, Cheetah Mech, Mammoth Mk. III, Chemical Artillery, Wraith, And many, many more.

Tiberian Sun: Shock 91kb lee.conlin@virgin.net

This is a simple mod; decreases the amount of kills you need to make to become veteran, and other things like Mammoth Tanks, as well as increasing the build limit of the MkII to three.

Tiberian Sun: Storm v1.0a 842kb Tom Yaxley

No Description.

Tiberian Sunset 72kb Martin Garvey

Adds new units like laser tanks, laser infantry, banshee bombers, and snipers.

Tiberian Sun Ultra 92kb Peregrine

Tiberian Sun Ultra contains 10 new vehicles, 5 new infantry units, and 4 new aircraft, the units all have unique appearences (hidden art files, modified normal units, or unplayable units). It includes such units as the Ion Tank, Obelisk Tank, and Disruptor Infantry.

Tiberian Sun Unofficial Expansion Pack 114kb Viet Ngo

T.S.U.E.P. adds over 50 new infantry, vehicles, structures and aircraft to Tiberian Sun. Unlike many other mods, this mod is designed as an extension for Tiberian Sun rather than as a "cheat" for it. I have done my best to ensure that the new units added do not create an unfair balance of power in the game, and also that they all have weaknesses of some sort (to avoid making the game a simple question of raw firepower).

Tiberium In The Myst 67kb MystStalker

A really great mod with new units that were found in the ini-files (like Raptor, Chinook,...), better lightning-effects and many, many other cool changes.

Tiberium Tycoon 499kb Unknown

To be honest, I'm not quite sure what the main point of this mod is... but I know it has something to do with adding trains and changing Westwood maps...

Titan 745 368kb Titan 745

Several new units, more balance between Nod and GDI, and you can start off a multiplayer game with 30000 credits.

True Tiberian Sun 59.2kb Ben Imp

Adds more units like the Mutants, Tiberian Fiend, Mammoth Tank, Elite Cadre, Visceroids, Core Defender, etc. Basicly all the ones you always wished you could build but never could...

TS Gold v3.2 729kb Dave

New subterranean harvester New hover harvester New RPG launcher truck Evil new weapon for the Temple of Nod Some changes to the Seeker Droid ORCA Fighters will fire their missiles quicker Faster assault cannon fire Machine gun for Amphibious APC More ammunition for the Banshee Fighters, they now fly over four times instead of three. GDI Upgrade Center acts as a back up radar.

TS Silver 284kb Aviarist1

TS Silver adds tons of new and very intersting units, definitely worth giving a spin.

TS Upgrade v3.0 121kb RebelMoon

Changes lots of miscellaneous things like aircrafts can move to shroud, build limit for MMK2 extended, new hover mammoth tank, random ion storms and meteor showers, etc.

Two Tribes 68kb Unknown

90% More crates, Tiberium Grows, Capture Archer Asylum to gain access to mutant construction yard, piss off the civie's and they'll rip you a new one, and lots of... interesting new units.

Unknown Wars v4.0 444kb David M. and Brad B.

While the war rages on between GDI and NOD forces, a different battle rages on between 2 totally different teams, Thunder and SHARD. These 2 armies are battling it out for control of earth also, but in a different dimension. It's the same earth and the same time, but no Tiberium. Now it's all about crystals that are growing out of the ground. Prepare for the biggest battle yet!

Wargasmic Sun 56kb Martin Garvey

This mod adds some new units, like the MultiMissle launch unit and the Mammoth Tank...plus a whopping 40,000 credits for skirmish.

Warlock BT Rules of Engagement 103kb Warlock

The I.S. planets are being attacked by the Clan, and the Clan have unique attacking techniques. The I.S. must be swift (attack quickly) in order to prevent the Clan from getting a foothold in their territory, because if the Clan are given to much time then they will be unstoppable. The basic concept behind this modification is to allow for more mechs.

Warlord Mod 53kb Lord Scorpion

This mod seems to be focused on civilian power...the civilians are really mean now. Plus, there's some bugs and other things like building the barracks/war factory 2 spaces away from buildings.

Wasteland Wars v2.2 90.1kb Conrad Volkov

Adds the Forgotten faction to the game, (3 playable factions) a couple of transformer units, the chrono tank, the drop pod, ships & train support, and some more.

Wiggy Mod 190kb Doug

Enables some unused units. Find out more by trying the mod out!

Wolfpack 58kb FlameWolf

This is a rather small mod, but it adds some cool new units to both GDI and Nod. I have continued with each side's major theme, keeping the brute force units of GDI and the clever, stealthy units of Nod. Although there aren't many new units, I feel they are fairly well-done. Hope you enjoy using them.

All mods contained in this page of their respective creators.
You may not redistribute these mods without their respective creators' consent.

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