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Here you can find miscellaneous files relating to Tiberian Sun or general C&C... From 8-player patches to the Tiberian Sun font, anything that won't fit anywhere else goes here.

Name File Size Description
Official v2.03 Patch (Latest) 5.61MB The official latest Tiberian Sun Patch (v2.03) ENG.
Tiberian Sun Font 11KB The official Tiberian Sun font, just like the text in the logo for Tiberian Sun.
8 Player Patch 106KB A patch that allows you to play multiplayer games with up to 8 people at a time.
GDI Desktop Theme 1.32MB The official Tiberian Sun GDI Windows Desktop Theme.
Nod Desktop Theme 2.09MB The official Tiberian Sun Nod Windows Desktop Theme.
TiberiumSun.com Winamp Skin 20KB An old skin made for our site when it was still TiberiumSun.com! This will only work with the older versions of Winamp. Bring back the memories!

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