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The year is 1946. The Second World War is over, leaving many countries in ruin. Seeing the devastation, the great scientist Albert Einstein creates a time machine in the hope that he can eliminate Hitler. Stopping any chance of a war like this ever occurring again, by controling the uprising of Aldolf Hitler and the Nazi movement. However his plan fails. With no Hitler, Joseph Stalin has the opportunity to take control of the world with his only opponent being the Allied army. Even with Kane's mysterious involvement with the Soviet's, they succumb to the Allied force and soon forget their dream of global domination.

Later, in the 1990's a meteorite shower bombards Earth, mainly near the Tiber River in Italy. It brings with it an alien mineral named tiberium which soon quickly spreads throughout much of the Earth's more habitable climates. Seeing a second chance of global domination, Kane mobilizes his army, the Brotherhood of Nod to conquer Earth. The United Nations soon create an organization known at the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) with the aim to stop Nod's terrorist attacks. The two sides meet in what is known as the First Tiberium War, a war which is waged throughout Europe and Africa. The GDI's brute force overpowers the more technologicaly based Nod army and corners Kane in his base of operations, the Temple of Nod. To rid Earth of the Brotherhood of Nod, the GDI uses their super weapon, the Ion Cannon to destroy the Temple of Nod with Kane still inside. Surely Kane died in the explosion...

Or did he? It's twenty years later and the GDI are facing a force perhaps more dangerous than that of Nod, the substance known as tiberium which is running rampant. With time running out and much of Earth's surface being made inhospitable by tiberium, the GDI start last ditch efforts to save Earth. Many civilians are moved to areas which do not favor the growth of tiberium, such as the Antarctica. However some of the GDI's greatest minds, scientists and war generals are moved to the orbiting space station, known as Philadelphia. This is meant to be a last resort to the GDI losing the war against Nod and tiberium taking control of the planet. It would allow them to re-begin life and start to rebuild the human race.

Meanwhile, after their defeat twenty years before, Nod forces are in tatters. Instead of the powerful group they once were, they have now seperated into many different factions, each fighting one another and hiding away underground. Each faction claiming to be the true Brotherhood of Nod. The whereabouts of the mysterious and evil Kane is still unknown.

Many of these factions are experimenting with the use of tiberium on humans, believing that they are helping the evolution of mankind. At the same time as attempting to create "the ultimate killing machine". Some even belive that they have mimiced the Hitler way, by trying to recreate "The Aryan" race. However, many of these experiments don't go as planned. The "mistakes" are disregarded and neglected and form a third faction known as The Forgotten.

Kane returns and soon brings the Brotherhood of Nod to order, regaining the force it once had. With tiberium taking over the world and the human race as we know it facing extinction, Kane launches an attack against the GDI. Bringing with it the first phase of the Second Tiberium War.

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