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[ Tiberian Sun: Firestorm ]

Firestorm is the name of Tiberian Sun's expansion pack. It continues the GDI storyline of TS (Kane is dead, Nod scattered)


GDI is trying to translate a device known as the Tacitus, a data-matrix that supposedly contains all information about Tiberium. With this device translated, GDI would be able to the Tiberium spreading, which is threatening the world.

Nod lies in chaos. Kane has disappeared and the Inner Circle is trying to maintain control over the remains of Nod. Leader of the Black Hand of Nod, Slavik, decides that they need Kane's computer, CABAL, to restore order. Black Hand forces raid the GDI Cairo site and re-assemble CABAL. Upon reactivation, CABAL starts building his network. As a test for his new experiments on Tiberium mutation, he orders several strikes against GDI, and orders the assasination of Tratos, a mutant who is the only person other than CABAL itself capable of translating the Tacitus.

CABAL then proceeds to whipe Nod's Inner Circle while continuing to expand his network, using Nod's remains as a base. Slavik manages to escape the slaughter, disconnects Nod from CABAL, and manages to steal a copy of GDI's EVA computer to reestablish order within the remains of the Brotherhood.

With Tratos dead, GDI seeks another way of translating the Tacitus: CABAL. A strike team manages to capture his core. When asked if he is capable of translating the Tacitus, CABAL confirms, but there is a second peice of the device that has not been retrieved yet. GDI retrieves it for him, and when the Tacitus is complete, he steals it and turns his cyborg army loose on the GDI scientists in his base.

GDI and Nod then ally in order to fight CABAL. Several of his production sites are destroyed, and eventually his main base, which is guarded by a giant cyborg named Core Defender, is whiped.

What GDI and Nod are not aware of, is that CABAL is still there... And he is not alone!

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Sept 10 2007

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