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[ Brotherhood Of Nod ]

The Brotherhood of Nod, a supposedly ancient and secret organisation is a terrorist group, commanded by their self appointed leader Kane. An anti GDI group they claim their objective is to bring brotherhood, unity and peace to the world. This society was thought to be small until their attacks began and it soon became apparent that in fact they were an international and powerful organisation. Known to use violent and often inhumane means to achieve their goals, (including the inhumane testing of tiberium on humans leading to the creation of the Forgotten) the Brotherhood would go down in history for their emergence, starting the first Tiberium War.

This was a high-tech and brutal war fought mainly on the continents of Asia and Africa. In the end, GDI forces prevailed against NOD in a battle at sarajevo. In this battle the command centre for Kane's operations was attacked by an ion cannon and he is thought to be dead. Following this, NOD forces began to break up and now are divided into several factions. However, recently nod attacks have increased and there have possibly been some sightings of a reunification of NOD forces, thought only to be possible by a new leader...or perhaps an old leader re-emerging from the ashes...


"The Brotherhood," "The Ways of Nod," "The Brotherhood of NOD" among the tribes of Godn "Sha'Seer" and more.


Date founded is unknown. Some exaggerated reports claim the Organisation was founded before the year 1800 B.C.


Control the world's energy resources and embrace the future, the alien mineral Tiberium has strong ties with their ideologies.

Head of State:

Former:Kane (deceased), AKA Caine, Jacob (Interpol, File TRX11-12Q); al-Quayym, Amir (MI6 DR-416.52)

Current: Nod is currently factionalised after the loss of its leader Kane and there is no one controlling leader.

Base of Operations:

Global bases of operations. Previous command posts identified at Kuantan, Malaysia; somewhere in Ar-Rub'al-Khali, Saudi Arabia; Tokyo; Caen, France.

Military Strength:

Previously thought to be a small terrorist organisation a scandal involving US defence contractors confirms beliefs that the Brotherhood of Nod is well equipped and has a large arsenal of land, sea and air military operations.

Economic Strength:

Considerable assets believed to be in excess of US$255.2 billion. Economic strength arose from near-monopoly of Tiberium harvesting in the late 20th century.

Political Strength:

Believed to be the sole backers of the Fist of Allah party in Jordan; United We Stand America party in the US; Albion First! party in the UK, among others.


Irish Republican Party; Islamic Jihad; Khmer Rouge; others. (See article: Brotherhood of Nod Splinter Groups.)

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