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[ Tiberian Sun Images - Ingame Beta Screenshots ]

A very old screenshot showing the now cut Mammoth Tank. Also you can see the old version of the sidebar.
Another old one, you can see two tanks that were cut from the game, the Mammoth Tank and the Nod Heavy Tank.
A very nice looking screenshot showing the colored lighting effects that we will see in TS. Also notice the original style of the Obelisk which is smaller than the present one.
A sneaky by Nod. They are using underground APCs to storm an unsuspecting GDI base.
A small skirmish between GDI and Nod forces in a Civilian City.
A Nod group attacks a GDI base by means of a bridge. Notice the Orca Fighters taking out the Nod Advanced Recon Bikes.
Another skirmish between Nod and GDI forces in a Civilian City.
The beginning of an attack by GDI on a well defended Nod base. To start the attack GDI has used it's Ion Cannon to take out the Nod Missile Silo.
In this shot, a fleet of Hover MRLS is moving up a river right under a group of Nod forces.
A mixed Nod force attempts to attack a GDI base. Also, you can see another version of the sidebar.
A Group of GDI units waits for the bridge to be repaired before they begin their attack on a Nod base.
The bridge is repaired and the GDI group moves onto attack.
The attack by GDI is underway and the Nod Laser Turrets are doing a great job destroying the GDI units.
A little farther on in the attack. It looks as though Nod will win this one, notice the nice job those Nod Laser Turrets are doing.
This is another attack on a well defended Nod base by GDI forces. Also, this is one of the few screenshots where we see the Nod Cyborg Commando (lower right).
Farther on in the attack, the GDI forces have destroyed the Nod Gate. Also take a look at all the Jump Jet Infantry attacking a Tick Tank.
A nice ingame screenshot showing a well thought out GDI base. Notice that spiffy new Disruptor Tank rolling out of the Weapons Factory.
One of three recently released high quality ingame shots. This one shows a mixed assault on a Nod convoy by GDI units. Notice the cool trails that a Hover MRLS leaves in the water.
The second new screenshot. In this one you can see tunnels for the first time.
The last new screenshot. In this one you can see an old Nod base (upper right) and even better, Cyborg Infantry (middle) for the first time. Also notice the meteor shower that is taking place.

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