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Image Name Biography
McNeil Used to handling only the most dangerous environmental crises and the most violent NOD uprisings, Commander Michael McNeil is the GDI's most promising assets.
Chandra Chandra is a dedicated and well trained marine. His experience as a pilot and weapons officer have made him one of McNeil's most valued assets.
General Solomon As a younger officer, Solomon led the final attacks against Kane during the First Tiberium War. He now reigns as the GDI's supreme commander.
Forgotten The Forgotten are tiberium mutated race that has been ignored by the GDI and abused by Nod.
Kane The self-appointed leader of the Brotherhood of Nod. Kane relies on the media to defeat his enemies, often controlling the media purely by brute force. Kane and his minions were defeated in the First Tiberium War but they have risen out of the ashes and united to form a powerful army with one goal. The annihilation of the Global Defense Iniative.

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