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[ Tiberian Sun Images - Advertisements ]

Image Source Notes
Westwood Studios The official Tiberian Sun poster from Westwood.
PC Gamer Check out this awesome scene. One interesting thing is the tick tanks that are deployed in the right side of the shot. Also in this shot, notice the box design, the final one.
Unknown This is an old ad where you can see the old version of the TS box (in the lower right with the blue background.) Also take a look at that beautiful ingame shot of a Nod base with all the colored lighting.
PC Powerplay This is a fairly old ad in which you can see a small preview of TS. Also notice the weird Red Alert box. This could possibly the box for another country, possibly England.
PC Gamer Well you can tell this is an oldy because it says "1998's Biggest Game!" Notice the cool shot of a light battle soldier and the dropships coming in in the background.
Unknown An old ad where you can see a really nice shot of three Titan Medium Mechs.
PC Gamer Another PC Gamer add showing a rather large shot of a Nod briefing with Kane.
PC Gamer Very nice looking ad where you can see a lot of cool stuff. Notice the GDI disc thrower then behind that the Orca Fighters getting fired on by Nod SAM Sites.
PC World Nothing much here, just an ad for TS in PC World. You can see the final version of the TS box on the right and a few paragraphs about the TS plot.

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